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Surveys indicate that 8 out of every 10 United States businesses use temporary help. Why? Because it really does save money!

Companies are eliminating added expenses of hiring, training, and firing by using temporary help for special projects, seasonal peaks, overloads and staffing of entire departments.

Studies indicate that permanent personnel can be unproductive 30-38% of the time, whereas temporaries are paid only for work performed.

Case in point: Your company has a department that is having a difficult time meeting schedules and keeping up with all their work. Many of the employees are starting to work overtime to get their work completed. Utilizing temporary help can keep your overtime cost down and save you money.


 The solution to the problem in that department is to bring in the right amount of temporaries for one, two or three days a week to handle the overflow or make it a special project and bring in the necessary number of temporaries for one to three weeks to bring the work up to date. You will have reduced expenses by eliminating overtime and increased both morale, productivity and your bottom line. Let us do the brief cost comparison for you and show you how we save you money and headaches!

Case in point: You are a manufacturer with a seasonal product. You have hired new people every year prior to your busiest time, worked them for the required time and then either laid them off so they could collect unemployment, or kept them on to handle non-productive work at a high cost to you. Here again, temporary help can be cost saving and extremely productive to you.


 By calling us prior to your busiest period and covering all requirements, we can send you the right number of temporaries for the right amount of time. When your season is over, you simply call us and all the temporaries are sent to another job.

You have no unemployment costs, you have not had the expense of hiring, firing, monitoring attendance, finding replacements for poor workers and you were able to utilize any number of temporaries for just the right amount if time. No overtime, no benefits, no headaches! We can save you money, time and increase your production.

Just call us!

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