DBS LLC - Staffing Consultants

 NIGP Commodity/Services Codes

909-33   Contractor Compliance Monitoring Services
909-76   Site Work (Incl. Site Clean-Up)
910-39   Janitorial/Custodial Services
918-06   Administrative Consulting
918-32   Consulting Services (Not Otherwise Classified)
918-71   IT Consulting
918-85   Personnel/Employment Consulting (Human Resources)
946-10   Accounting and Billing Services (Including Payroll Services
952-56   Housekeeping Services
952-58   Human Resources Development Services
958-70   Outsourcing Services for Management, Operation, etc.
958-74   Personnel Management Services
958-77   Project Management Services
961-02   Administrative Services, All Kinds
961-30   Employment Agency and Search Firm Services
962-69   Personnel Services, Temporary