DBS LLC - Staffing Consultants
Staffing Specialist
DBS will designate a Staffing Specialist to manage the temporary staffing process.  In addition to understanding the actual workflow, processes, and standards of your firm, our Staffing Specialist will be responsible for the following:
Basic H R functions, including timekeeping, payroll, & administrative duties
·         Client specific orientation for all new employees
·         Employee scheduling
·         Monitoring employee performance & productivity
·         Counseling employees’ performance, productivity, & attitude
·         Tracking & compiling standards & reports
·         Continuous discussion of service & needs with managers
·         Development & implementation of programs for continuous improvement.
·         Safety programs
·         Recruitment
·         Injury documentation
·         Paycheck Distribution
By combining these tools with our extensive recruiting resources, selection process, and service delivery, DBS will provide quality employees and minimize unnecessary turnover.
Additional instructions will include… 
·         Company history                                        Location & Directions
·         Parking                                                         Dress code
·         Hours of operation                                     Procedures for Time Sheets/Paychecks
·         Absences/Tardiness                                  Safety